Blogger Girl

What Happened Here

This used to be the website of Rainy Day Women. They have now got a new website here –¬†http://www.rainydaywomenband.com/

Here are a few of their latest film clips:

¬†Official Video for “Friends”

Official Video for “Mars”

Getting Your website back into Search Engines

The band rainy day women changed their website over to www.rainydaywomenband.com. The bad thing about doing this sometimes is the fact the website does not show up in Google when you type rainy day women now. To get the website back in Google, companies like netspring.com.au complete SEO and online marketing techniques to make Google recognize the new website as the right site. Here’s some things you can do:

  • Put the new url in online profiles like facebook, twitter and youtube
  • Put the new url in other sites like triple j unearthed profile, soundcloud and other places
  • Get a link to the website form the new web designers.
  • Ensure on-site SEO has been completed by the web design team.

Unfortunately, not all web designers take SEO into account when they are developing a new project, they only take the creative side into account.